Common Milkweed Treasure Tags


Common Milkweed
Asclepis Syriaca

With so many requests from butterfly lovers who are using their own seeds to grow milkweed for friends, family, and classrooms, we decided to offer our Treasure Tags to the public! 

Our Treasure Tags are excellent educational tools, making it easy for children and adults to talk about the relationship between the host plant, the caterpillars it feeds, the butterflies that lay eggs on it and the nectar it provides for other pollinators. PLUS, they make great bookmarks for your favorite butterfly book or to mark your plant. 

 Bonus: On the back is a QR code that takes you to that plant page which provides even more educational information!  

At .99 each you, your friends and family hold the key to finding nature’s hidden treasures!  

Stay tuned, new tags for more species coming in May!  What treasures would you like to find next?  Let us know!

Happy treasure hunting!!

*Note:  For large quantities can contact Melissa for wholesale prices.



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