Hosting Butterflies

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Hosting Butterflies

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Hosting Butterflies is known for its fun educational interactive way of introducing nature as the world’s greatest treasure hunt and we are sharing the key to finding these treasures.  Did you know that right outside your door nature has little gems laying in wait for you to find and that holes in your plants are clues to finding these gems?  With the use of our Treasure Tags you will experience nature in a whole new way that gives you a special connection to the world around you.

Speaking of nature around you.  Did you also know that the migrating monarchs are on the IUCN’s endangered species list?  I don’t know about you, but this is a reason to make some changes in what we plant in our flowerbeds!  With milkweed as the monarch’s only food source, we are encouraging people everywhere to plant at least one milkweed.  Can you imagine the relief the migrating monarchs will experience upon returning to their breeding grounds, to find that a million people have prepared a place for them?  

At Hosting Butterflies, we are on a mission to save the migrating monarchs and we’re inviting you to join the fun! Our Treasure Tag program is a unique and exciting way to learn about these beautiful butterflies and their habitats, while also making a real impact on their future and ours. But that’s not all, we are taking it to the next level with our Million Milkweed Challenge! We challenge you to be a part of something big and help us reach the goal of getting a million people to plant one or more milkweed to increase the monarch population. Let’s work together and make a difference, join us today in the fight to save the monarchs by planting, sharing, and adding your milkweed to our count!  Together we can save the monarchs from extinction!

Monarch’s exist only because you plant milkweed in your yard! Sara Dykman Bicycling with Butterflies


Every number represents a milkweed planted somehwere in the USA
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Unlock the secrets of nature with our exclusive Treasure Tag Seed Sets. Each set includes milkweed seeds, which is the monarch’s only food source, and 5 Treasure Tags. With the in-depth information provided on our Treasure Tags, everyone can experience and learn about the plants’ relationship to these fascinating stages of the butterfly and moth life cycles.

These tags serve as a guide to help you create a personalized butterfly garden that not only adds beauty to your outdoor space, but also supports a healthy ecosystem. With our Treasure Tag Seed Sets, you’ll be able to discover and appreciate the hidden treasures of nature in your very own backyard. Order now and start your journey of discovery today!

Hosting Butterflies reinvented the traditional plant tags to include relationship between the plant, caterpillar and butterfly.  The pictures on the tag tells the story of the sacrificial plant as food, the caterpillars it hosts, and the butterflies or moths they will become.  With this information butterfly enthusiasts and the like can plan their flower beds according to the butterflies they want to attract whether to raise them in habitats or watch them in nature.  With this additional information, our plant tags hold the key to nature’s hidden treasures.